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Personal Massagers

August 17, 2009 by  
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Personal massagers come in all shapes and sizes.  For the most part they are designed to enhance sexual pleasure in some sort of way.  Couples and singles alike have been using personal massagers for years to bring their sexual pleasure to another level.

There are some obvious benefits to using a personal massager.  Many women are unable to have an orgasm through normal sex and need the extra stimulation.  A personal massager provides just the right vibration to help bring them to a climax they normally wouldn’t be able to reach had it not been for the extra stimulation.  Some couples like using a personal massager to enhance their sex lives together.  Others just like the intensity of the orgasm that a personal massager produces.

However, there are some personal massager models that serve as a massager for all your body parts, including your private ones.  The Hitachi HV250R Magic Wand Massager is a favorite among many individuals.  It can be used as a body massager for your achy muscles or to just rub your shoulders to relax you after a hard day.  Many people rave however, that the benefits of this “magic wand” go far beyond massage therapy.  This massager can also be used as a personal massager giving off very intense orgasms.  This particular model does have attachments you can purchase for further enhancement of sexual pleasure.  With a little imagination you can use this massager for a full body experience from your head to your toes – and all the parts in between.

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