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Neck Massagers — Like Getting A Spa Treatment At Home

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Neck messagers can quickly give some of the most relaxing moments you’ve had all day. Looking like a big soft collar, the electric neck massager may be one of the best thoughts that those health and personal care companies ever had. Whether you work at a computer, at a lectern, over a vehicle engine or factory machine, or at a surgical table, you’ll know that your neck and shoulders is about the first place on your body that you experience tiredness or stress. A good rubdown exactly there is something we all could use after a day’s work. Massagers make it possible to provide that therapeutic rub for yourself at home.

Overworked muscles, general weariness, and tension can add up to a sore neck and headache. Discomfort in one area easily creates tension in nearby muscles, so it is good to pamper tired shoulders right away, before more muscles are calling out for relief too.

The best position in which to use an electric massager for your neck/shoulders is sitting up comfortably, with support so there’s no strain on your back or head. The massager usually fits around your neck, open at the front, or it may drape over your shoulders while touching the sides and back of your neck. Its thickness often adds support to your head, which is very comfortable; if it doesn’t then sit on a couch or chair in which you can sit relaxed, not straining to sit straight. If it feels better you may sit leaning slightly back. Relaxed muscles will benefit most from the vibration of the massager.

Some devices simply vibrate, sending a soothing feeling into sore muscles; some have rolling or kneading action, sometimes called Shiatsu massage. There are also “thumpers,” which use percussion, as if a masseur were thumping on your shoulders with the tips of their fingers. All three sorts of action are excellent massage techniques, and many massagers allow you to finely tune & adjust the strength of the vibration, kneading or thumping to your own level of comfort. Massage should never hurt or feel uncomfortable. Immediately stop and turn off a device if it hurts you.

Heat enhances the benefits of massage, so many electric massagers have a heat option or button. Some people prefer to use a wand-type massager for the neck and shoulder area instead of a collar-type. In that case, you can use it while sitting up and moving it over each shoulder in turn. Sometimes — if a device is a little too large or heavy to hold this way, you might be able to use it while lying down: Lay the massager on the bed also, and place it against your shoulder. Do not lie on top of it, since this could hurt you — or burn you, if it uses heat.

Close your eyes, let the massager soothe you. The main principle of healing through massage happens by increasing or enabling the free flow of blood through the body; there are many other ideas behind massage, but this is the most basic and practical. Music, tranquil thought and lowered lighting are wonderful additions to your own personal physical therapy session, too. But do not treat your neck and shoulders as if you were visiting Rocky Balboa’s masseur, don’t overdo it and don’t make it rough. Especially for the delicate area of the neck, it is usually advised not to run a device longer than 15 minutes, and in fact some may heat up too much if used longer. Always make sure you turn off a device before falling asleep.

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