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Body Back Buddy For Trigger Point Therapy

September 26, 2009 by  
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We all have trigger points on our bodies that can cause pain.  Some earned these points by overexerting themselves and other by getting injured somehow.  Sometimes they are referred to as “knots”.  Massaging these same points can help to alleviate a lot of aches and pains.  Trigger point therapy techniques can be done by a professional massage therapist or even by yourself.  You can do it by hand, but there are some points that might be hard to reach on your own like your back.  In that case you’ll either need another person to help massage those hard to reach places or you can purchase something like the Body Back Buddy.

Continual trigger point therapy can offer you long term benefits such as:

  • Relief of tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved range of motion
  • General pain relief

All of these benefits are important for everyday living.  Who wants to feel their body tense all the time?  That only increases your stress level not only physically, but mentally and in turn only makes the physical pain feel even worse.  It quickly can become a vicious cycle.  Using a tool like the Body Back Buddy can help you perform trigger point therapy on yourself so that you can feel some of those benefits mentioned above by hitting some of those specific points on your body that are causing you the most discomfort.

The Body Back Buddy is one of the highest rated trigger point therapy tools sold on the market today.  Despite this massager’s funky appearance, most people find it exceptionally helpful in ridding them of their pains.

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